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Utility Services involve all this, and more...

but not with the Integrated Utility System

The Integrated Utility System (IUS)

Utility services are the mainstay of a safe and comfortable lifestyle, globally. People need regular access to power, heating and water supplies, then wastewater and refuse wastes disposal, wherever they are. Reliable water and sanitation services are essential, though absent in many parts of the world.

The IUS offers a radical step-change in the supply of these services. The full range always required at any given location comes from a single process system, within a compact module, directly on-site and completely independent of external connections. The IUS provides:


  • Electrical power; as needed and on demand

  • Heating services; hot water and space heating

  • Refuse waste disposal; immediate and complete

  • Potable fresh water; from any local source

  • Wastewater treatment; no environmental contamination

  • Water recycling; cleansed and sterile for re-use


The sole operating input is a fuel supply to the generator for just the electrical power required; all other processes are based on thermal treatment driven by the generator waste heat, with the energy flows then fully recuperated through to useful output services. The basic principles behind the concept:


  • A by-product of thermal power generation is high grade heat, up to ~600⁰C;

  • All organic waste matter thermally decomposes from around 200 to 250⁰C;

  • The one method guaranteed to safely sterilise water is heat treatment;

  • There is no bioactive effluent; the only residues are in the form of mineral ash;

  • Using renewable biofuel for the generator makes the site low/zero carbon, automatically.


The IUS is novel as a product, but not reliant on new science; the innovation lies in the concept and process design.  The process system is based on commercially available technologies from OEM suppliers, as is module production strategy. The concept is directly scalable to meet a wide range of service capacity requirements and applications, using the exact same basic process design.


The innovation IP is covered by patent grant in the leading industrialised countries comprising near 80% of global GDP.  The patent specification covers the concept as a whole, of a single integrated process system for on-site independence in all utility services.

Delivering utility services - the IUS way
Diagram-PNG (2).png
Product Examples
Domius closed.png
Domius open.png

DOMIUS   : the IUS as a mass produced ‘home appliance’ for housing


IUS container (3).png
IUS internal (3).png

IUS commercial scale: a capacity equivalent to around 100 houses within a 20’ container

Not just modular products…

IUS applications are not confined to standardised modular systems. Bespoke installations can be factored in to the first design, for such as building services within large commercial/residential  developments, and extending localised power generation to a complete utilities capability.  Each would be a straightforward exercise in process plant engineering, using the same base technologies.  The IUS can also be applied in retrofit to replace conventional services, or adapt existing power and waste/water sites to do more than they otherwise could.

There's also an another dimension, adding a characteristic not usually associated with utility systems: self-contained mobility.  A package on wheels, for easy relocation to and around sites for short term (or longer) provision of the full set of services, to whatever capacity required on single or multiple trailers.

Demo_assembly_B4 -2.png
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